Downtown Darling

The Downtown girl is mischievous and all about having fun. She does her own thing and looks cool in anything she wears. Her big heart beams through her big smile and she will call you terms like ‘honey’ ‘boo’ and ‘darling’. She has nice taste but affording it is harder, so if you see her in designer it’s probably vintage. She’s not afraid to tease you with a short skirt, but also loves a big, over-sized tee. Activewear fits her appropriately, she’s totally carefree and always on the move. She gets bored with mainstream trends and staying in one place for too long, but if you catch her… she’s the kind of girl who’d be thrilled to show you her world.

Vintage Adidas Tee, Adidas skirt and models own sneakers

Adidas jacket

Lee Denim skirt and Fine Lady Basic jacket


Vintage Burberry’s skirt, models own t-shirt

The ragged priest jeans and Be Fierce Designs shirt

Thanks Gemma for taking part in this fashion editorial and thanks Store Babs for providing some threads.

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