Sunday Style File: Active

Some Sundays I’ll be sharing I’ll be sharing a collection of my favourite things from that week. From the fashion, music or art I’m obsessing over or simply what has inspired me over the week.

When in doubt I always rely on active wear. It’s for those days of running errands and not worrying about what you need to put on. It’s comfortable, perfect for any weather and the best thing of all, these days it can also look stylish.

The classic brands like Adidas, Nike and Lulu Lemon have adjusted their sportswear to not only be functional but also aesthetic and even sexy. This has created a new market where more brands, new and old focus on aesthetic and fashionable sportswear. It’s become so acceptable these days you see appropriations of activewear showcased by top designers at fashion week, take Gucci’s new activewear line as an example. Consumers want more interesting and stylish items, so designers have more freedom to create sports bras with intricate straps and pants with colourful prints or graphic fonts.

I personally find, if I’m wearing active gear for comfort purposes and I feel comfortable I become motivated to actually go and work out. Wearing something stylish and sexy becomes motivating. Think about that the next time you’re shopping for your workout wear.

When buying sportswear, there are always a few things I look out for. This ensures I’m getting good value for money and not just buying something  because it looks nice. The top 5 things I check are as follows.

  1. Pockets, pants that have a pockets to fit my phone. Nothing worse then going for a run and having no where to store your phone.
  2. Support, Sports bras can’t just be pretty they need to be tight enough for support but not so tight they restrict you from breathing.
  3. Seasonal, short shorts in winter NO THANK YOU. If you want to workout all year round you’re going to have to have clothes appropriate for all seasons.
  4. Material, this one is super important!! Not only do your clothes have to be sweat proof it also has to be comfortable and if you want it to last I spend a little on better quality.
  5. Not really activewear but invest in a good drink bottle. You should be having water everyday and buying plastic ones isn’t doing any good for your health or the environment.



Lululemon, Their pants are functional, comfortable and come in a range of styles

PE Nation, The fashion student of activewear. Trendy jumpers, shorts and jackets

 Adidas,  It’s cool, edgy, and has a great range of street and workout wear, all with the iconic stripes

Nike, The logo is motivating and makes any sports bra cool, great sneakers and everyday active wear

Victoria’s Secret, Not the most practical, but they’re sports bras are cute and do the job

Crewroom, A UK brand, that make the most comfortable sportswear I’ve ever worn

More Life album – Drake

Notable mentions, Passionfruit, Get it Together, Teenage Fever

Congratulations – Post Malone, Quavo

Cellophane (so cruel) – Miami Horror

Messiah (Lido Remix) – M-Phazes, Alison Wonderland

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