Drink to that

10 benefits to why you should drink water as much as possible 

These tips turned my life around – something as simple as drinking more water solved so many of my problems. Nowadays I always have a drink bottle on me and finish a bottle every morning when I wake up then keep filling it up throughout the day.

  1. Energy boost, as soon as you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated which results in feelings of fatigue, muscle weakness and dizziness. Drink 8 glasses a day to keep yourself buzzing with natural energy.
  2. A healthy glow, Drinking water helps clear your skin. It won’t happen overnight, but get into the habit of drinking a good amount and gradually you’ll start to notice a difference.
  3. Hungry? think again, Generally when you find yourself snacking during the day it isn’t because you’re hungry but you’re actually thirsty. Go for a big glass of water first, then if you still feel hungry have something to eat.
  4. Speeds up your metabolism, Our digestive systems need water to digest our food properly. Other benefits of drinking lots of water – it will cure stomach acid problems and prevent constipation.
  5. Cleanse, If you feel sick from eating way too much or had a big night drink up (lots of water) to wash out toxins and waste products from the body.
  6. Feel fitter, ever have those days where you feel you can’t lift a weight or run as far as you normally can? Dehydration slows you down and makes you tired. So hydrate before, during and after exercise to guarantee improved results.
  7. Lose weight, avoid high calorie drinks full of sugar by substituting them with water. This won’t just benefit weight-loss but will also improve the way you feel.
  8. Finding it hard to focus? A glass of water will instantly make you feel refreshed and alert and boost your concentration. So next time you take a study break drink up!
  9. Healthy heart, drinking a healthy amount of water can prevent heart disease
  10. Improve shitty moods, next time you feel angry or upset over little things grab a glass of water and down it in one. After you won’t even remember why you were mad.



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