What a juice cleanse is really like

A few weeks back I decided to do a Pressed Juices 4 day cleanse. I’d never done one before but I’d heard a lot about them… some positives and some negatives.

You may be asking why do you feel it is necessary to deprive yourself of food for 4 days?

The answer for me was simple, it was after Easter I’d been doing a lot of eating, mostly chocolate and a lot of drinking. I was hoping a juice cleanse would kick start some healthy habits and curb cravings.

The results were greater than I’d have expected !

I did a personalised advanced cleanse. Below are the exact juices I drank throughout the week.

Morning tonic – Black or Pink lemonade

Breakfast – Coco Green or Smooth Energy smoothie

Green juice – 2, 5 or 6

Earth juice – 2,3 0r 5

Greens juice – 2, 5 or 6

Afternoon pick me up – Zest or Zing juice

Dinner – Strawberry or Blue Mylk

Evening tonic – Slippery elm

Day 1

One problem I didn’t consider was the fact I’m addicted to coffee, and have 1 or 2 each day. The withdrawal headache was pretty bad the first morning and didn’t pass until about 2pm. However the rest of the day I was able to enjoy all the juices, never feeling hungry because of all the liquid. I never felt the need to snack either. When I was hungry I could just grab a juice, it was super convenient for being on the go. The juices gave me a huge energy boost and I did a spin class the first night. I ended up only drinking 7/8 drinks, skipping the zest afternoon one and was in bed by 9pm.

Day 2

Not sure if it was because I went to bed early or the juices, but I had loads of energy. I did a HIIT circuit training followed by the morning detox. I found these great to kick start the digestion and hydrate you in the morning. The rest of the day I slowly sipped on the juices whilst studying. I still never felt hungry, but by 8:30 however I was exhausted, so had another early night.

Day 3

Day 3 was probably the hardest day. I was pretty sick of only drinking juice. During the day I had a few chocolate cravings and felt a little light headed. I didn’t do any physical activity and found I could only manage 6/8 juices. Although because I wasn’t sitting down to eat meals, I found I had a lot more time on my hands to get things done. By 7:30  I had done all the work and errands I had planned for the day and was ready for bed.

Day 4

This was the easiest day of them all. My stomach was noticeably flat when I woke up with no bloating. I don’t think I lost weight on the cleanse, but my face was never swollen and I hadn’t felt bloated. It’s weird that I never felt the urge to snack or eat something. The juices were keeping me full enough. I only felt like 6/8 juices but I felt surprisingly energetic on the last day. Although not going to lie I was ready to eat something solid and not drink any more juice.


Despite only doing 4 days I had a juice left over and ended up having it for breakfast on my way to uni on the 5th morning. My body for the first time in ages was craving fruit and veg. I found the juice cleanse incredibly convenient for staying full and healthy whilst on the go. Since the cleanse I’ve gravitated towards making healthier choices and feeling more motivated to workout. The most significant change, which I didn’t expect to happen is I no longer feel addicted to coffee. It was certainly an experience I enjoyed and the positives definitely outweighed all the negatives.

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