What to do about breakouts

Everyone deals with skin issues from the odd pimple, oily skin to serious breakouts and acne. And none of the above are fun.

I have personally been through hell and back with bad breakouts and acne. I’ve tried a majority of treatments, harsh chemical products, pills, vitamins, expensive moisturizers, pharmacy face wash, organic moisturizer and the list goes on.

Through trial and error, a change in attitude and a switch in my diet my skin gradually cleared and the scars started healing. This is why I preach looking after your skin and finding the right skincare routine.

I’m no skin specialist however from research and personal experiences I want to share some of the mantras and rules I stick to.

My 3 main rules

  • Never sleep with makeup on – no matter how drunk you are when you get home
  • No popping pimples (especially with dirty hands)
  • And moisturise day and night

An important point

DIET is crucial to healthy skin. I’m not saying cut out all junk foods but being aware of what you put in your body and how it will affect you is important.

With a bad diet comes bad skin.

So if you spend a weekend eating greasy junk food and binge drinking then wonder why you suddenly have a puffy face, fresh pimples and bags under your eyes you now know why.

But even with a healthy balanced diet and plenty of water you can’t prevent every breakout.

There are many causes and diet is only one. Stress, sleep, The pill, wrong products, menstruation, makeup, sweat, hot/cold temperatures, weather etc. etc. The list goes on.

That is why it is so important to find a skin care routine that works for you and your skin. Getting it healthy in a non-toxic way will not only help you feel more confident but cause less stress in your life.

First things first

  • Chuck out any chemical heavy products, get rid of the proactive. These may work short-term, but long-term your skin will adjust to the harsh chemicals producing oils to combat the ingredients resulting in worse skin
  • Speak to a dermatologist, have a consultation and learn about your skin, is it oily? dry? scarred?
  • Invest in a good moisturizer, a very understated product, but one of the most important. The key to heal your skin is hydration. Moisture helps heal scars and combats dry and oily skin. You read that right. moisturizer is good for oily skin.
  • Get the right products, learn about your skin and test and few recommended face wash. Organic ingredients are better but speak to your dermatologist. As for toner, the more organic the better. I only use it occasionally to clean pores and remove excess makeup. Tea tree, peppermint, aloe vera, salt water and lavender are great ingredients to look out for in a toner

Further steps to avoid a breakout

  1. Hydration – make water your best friend
  2. Treat yourself, get a facial, make a DIY one or buy an at-home one. Take a bath, light some candles and de-stress to calm those blemishes
  3. Sleep and good pillows, the more you sleep the more time your skin has to heal. And resting your face on a clean pillow is essential. Make sure they’re make-up and dust free.
  4. 80/20 diet, whilst avoiding all junk food is unrealistic for most people, the less you have of it or the more your skin will thank you. Treat yourself every so often but make sure you’re getting plenty of fruit and veg.
  5. Take off your make-up, both before you go to bed and before you re-apply. Make-up collects dirt throughout the day so the worse thing you can do is sink this in further by coating more concealer on for the evening. Your eyes will be fine but just carry some make-up wipes and toner with you to clean up the foundation before re-applying.
  6. Avoid popping!! It’s hard but a way better solution is to leave them overnight or use a cream that’ll dry them out. I use Sudafed, but toothpaste is another option, but only leave a little bit. But if you can’t resist and squeeze that pimple, clean your skin before and after and wipe it with  alcohol wipes or toner.

Last reminder

One pimple isn’t going to ruin your day or your life, so don’t let bad skin get you down. The less you stress the faster it will heal. Stay calm and look after yourself. Drink water, get lots of sleep and detox your body with healthy nutrients.

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