How to survive 24 hours flying

With winter holidays coming up, I’ve planned myself a summer escape to Europe. However living deep down under, in the southern hemisphere I’ll have to survive 24 hours flying first.

Long haul flights can be painful, but if you come prepared you can make it way more enjoyable. Last year I went on  about 40 planes for work and holiday, so learnt a lot about how you can make the experience way more comfortable.

Whether you face flight delays, long lines at airport security, broken onboard entertainment, lost luggage, turbulence, dodgy airplane food and sitting upright for 30 hours these few things below will help you through and you’ll feel better when you get off on the other end.

Comfortable clothes

My hand luggage is always big enough to fit a few items of clothes. To survive 24 hours flying I always bring something comfortable. Leggings, sweats, big t-shirt and a jumper.

Don’t be that person that says “jeans are fine”… would you ever wear jeans to bed ? So why wear them for 20hours on a plane?

First thing first when I get onto the plane I get changed. Also jumper is essential. It gets cold on flights so snug up warm.

Don’t wear shoes whilst flying, bring a few pairs of socks to change in and out of. It can be really bad for your blood circulation to wear shoes on a long flight because your feet swell.

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Note: All liquids have to be under 100ml.

  • Toothpaste / toothbrush
  • Deodorant/ Perfume, a little spritz will make you feel better after a long flight
  • Face/hand wipes – Keeps your face and skin clean
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face wash / toner / face spritz
  • Moisturiser – Your skin dries out on planes and to avoid break-outs or tired skin keep your skin hydrated !



I usually avoid eating airplane meals to survive 24 hours flying. Meals are covered in excess sugars and salts as our taste buds weaken whilst flying. As a result it will make you more dehydrated, bloated, less able to sleep. As a result you’ll feel worse when you get to your destination.

The fresh fruit fruit and packaged chocolates, crackers etc are safe and pretty standard. But to add a little luxury to my experience I bring my own food and tend to keep it light. I feel better at the other end if I haven’t eaten too much. I usually get a salad from a café to bring onboard and bring snacks likes fruit, veggies, popcorn, chocolate and trail mixes.

Electronics (and their chargers)

Don’t put your computer or iPad in your hold luggage. You don’t want to risk it going missing or getting damaged. And  download some netflix to you iPad/phone to watch onboard.

Extra advice to electronically survive the 24 hours flying – don’t forget the chargers!! Especially for your phone. Nothing worse then getting to your destination and having no battery. I also recommend a portable charger, not all flights have plugs in the seat.

Anything valuable

Same thing goes, if you lost your luggage and your diamond earrings or camera were in the bag, you would be suffering significantly more costs than a few items of clothing. Better safe than sorry. Keep valuables in your carry on.


The more you sleep the less the jetlag will hurt. This is the ultimate tip to survive 24 hours flying. Without sleep you’ll feel more sick, agitated and lazy when you arrive. I usually take a sleeping pill but I’m not a doctor so not saying drugs are the only solution. Forcing yourself to sleep makes the flight feel faster and helps me overcome jetlag quicker. If you’re against drugs, just make sure you have a comfortable eye-mask, ear-plugs and a neck pillow

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