Berlin Travel Diary

I had no idea what to expect when booking a trip to Berlin. I’d heard many appraisals and was told it is an amazing city. I went in completely blind, and was completely surprised and impressed by what I saw. Not only is the city and architecture beautiful but it’s rich with history and culture as well as being cool and trendy with secret bars, botanical gardens and vintage shops scattered all around.

In the 4 days I had I made sure I was going to see all the main monuments, take in as much history as possible, tick some museums off my list, do some vintage shopping and eat plenty of Haribo sweets.

Our first morning we did a bike tour. This familiarised us with the city and took us to all the main tourist attractions. In a whole morning we had seen Checkpoint Charlie, The Reichstag, The Jewish Memorial, The Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Cathedral plus more and we ate in a traditional German beer garden.

As we only had a few days we had to choose carefully which museums and galleries we would visit.

In order from my favourite, below are the museums I had the chance to visit.

Helmut Newtown Foundation x Mario testino ‘Undressed’ Exhibition

The Art of Banksy Exhibition

Topography of Terror

East Side Gallery


Hamburger Bahnhof

To rewind after our busy days, one night we headed further out of the main city to the rooftop bar,┬áKlunkerkranich. Situated in the most unsuspecting place, a cool, hipster bar sits on the top level of a daggy shopping mall’s carpark. The view looks out over the entire city, with chill vibes, cheap drinks, fairy lights and plenty of space, this was an unforgettable experience.




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