Crunchy salted rawamel slice

I have a super big sweet tooth, so making these was dangerous as they disappeared pretty quickly once I’d tried them!!

They are by far one of the best vegan desserts I have ever made. The combination of a smooth base, crunchy caramel and rich chocolate had me going back for more and more.

Before I went plant-based I had a serious weak spot for anything ‘salted-caramel.’ However I think this caramel beats the real stuff!! And it’s better for you!! Made from 100% natural ingredients. I make it all the time now to have on nice-cream.

Being raw, vegan they are better than real caramel slice but they are still a dessert!! Loaded with natural sugars and fats!! Whilst 3 or 4 may be ok, to stop yourself eating the lot, I recommend sharing with family & friends – they’ll love you for it, I promise.


Oat base 

1 ½ cup of oats

½ cup of almonds

Tbsp. of Agave

4 or 5 dates (add more depending on how sticky)

½ teaspoon of vanilla powder

Crunchy salted caramel filling

2 cups medjool dates (I soaked them for about an hour in warm water)

2 tbsp. of nut butter

1 tbsp melted coconut oil

1 tbsp almond milk (add more depending on consistency)

½ tsp. Salt

½ teaspoon of vanilla powder

½ cup of buckinis (activated buckwheat)

Chocolate coat 

Ratio 1:2:1


Raw cacao powder

Melted coconut oil – the more melted the more liquidity the chocolate


1.     Blend oats in food processor creating a flour consistency then add other base ingredients and blend until firm and sticky – add more agave or dates until you’re happy with consistency

2.     Press base ingredients smoothly into a brownie tin (lined with baking paper) and set in freezer

3.     Combine all caramel ingredients EXCEPT buckwheat in food processor, and once reached a creamy consistency stir in buckinis.

4.     Set caramel mixture on top of base and return tin to freezer

5.     Combine chocolate ingredients to create a thick chocolate sauce, melt oil and add cacao until happy with consistency, then pour on top of caramel

6.     Place tin in fridge until chocolate has set.

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