DIY Chokers

You may love them or hate them. But there is no denying that these accessories have made a serious comeback from the 90s. And with celebs and models wearing, styling and layering them in every street style or red carpet picture retailers have significantly bumped up the prices in high-street brands. So I decided to save some money and get creative, by making and customising my very own chokers

Making your own will not only be cheaper but allow you to choose exactly the style you want. I visited my local haberdashery and stocked up on lace, ribbon, faux leather, gems and beads.

Essentials for making also includes, necklace clasps & rings, a needle and thread, 1 or 2 pairs of pliers and scissors.

For a simple skinny choker 

Great for a minimalistic girl who wants a grungy 90s look that doesn’t interfere with her outfit and complements everything. It won’t really matter how long your neck is, this will look good on anybody anywhere. Also super easy to make.

  1. After measuring the ribbon to fit, fold over the both ends and sew down using a needle and thread. This keeps the ends strong and prevents fraying.
  2. Using pliers join your rings together (use however many you need for your size) then poke one through the end of your ribbon
  3. Repeat this on the other end of the ribbon, also attaching a necklace clasp. And Voila you have a fancy, new choker.

Add a charm 

To spice things up a little create a pendant-adorned choker, a great way to finish off an all-black ensemble and add a Gothic element.

  1. Simply, using a needle and thread attach your chosen charm/s onto your choker

Make a statement 

If you want to standout from the crowd with something a little more bold and individual, choose a unique material, perhaps lace, leather, fur, shoelace… Anything you can think of.

  1. As this was lace I made sure to fold over and sew the ends down to ensure it wouldn’t fray or rip
  2. Then join your rings for the necessary length. Also as this was a wider choker I wanted 3 joints to keep it together. The bottom joint may also need a few extra hoops as your neck is wider at the bottom
  3. To finish, attach the necklace clasps in the same place on the other end of the ribbon


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