London’s oasis

Last week I got my own personal tour of London, from St James Park to Regent Street, up to the river Thames, saw Big Ben, explored South Kensington then watched the sun go down in Hyde Park. I don’t think I’d ever seen so much of London in one day. And thanks to Cal Wootton (@Calwooo) got some rad pictures along the way.

Left: Vivienne Westwood UNISEX top, Samantha Wills Tiger’s eye Mineral necklace
Right: Off-White Jumper, Wrangler jeans, Nike Air Force Sneakers

In the past I haven’t always been able to appreciate London. I’ve often got lost in the cold, busy, commercial atmosphere. However when the sun does shine and you’re able to ditch the underground I realised it’s very easy to find the small oases scattered all around the city. I got the chance to be shown these hidden gems last week when Cal and I met up to capture them under the radiant blue summer sky.

Right: Christopher Shannon denim jacket

We walked through St James park, admired New Bond Street, I was introduced to my new favourite Japanese supermarket near Piccadilly Circus, strolled along the very middle of Regent street, found a pop up ‘pop art’ gallery, had my first ever cheeky Nandos, then after meandering the streets of South Kensington I thought I had truly seen some of London’s best qualities. However, the highlight of my day definitely became shooting in Hyde Park by The Serpentine lake as the sun went down

IMG_1038I realised I had never actually spent any time in Hyde Park and I was seriously missing out. I love how a city full of eccentric people with busy schedules (and its fair share of pollution) can also have a peaceful green oasis in the middle of it all.


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