Save the planet and dress sustainably

Sustainable Fashion is on the rise and hopefully by now we all understand the negative side effects of greenhouse gasses, so we should be taking the effort to reduce our fashion footprint, by buying sustainable products that recycle and use less electricity to produce.

The fashion industry – and its cheap mass production, product wastage and harmful materials and chemicals – has a major NEGATIVE impact on our environment. As the industry grows bigger and bigger, with little production changes its essential, as the consumer we begin understand how we can contribute to, and support sustainable fashion.

So here are a few simple tips that can help save our planet and allows us to continue looking stylish

  • Up-cylce! Change and alter your old clothes into something new and fashionable

Cut your old high waisted jeans down to shorts and dye another colour or decorate with rips, studs and beads

  • Minimise your ironing (hallelujah!!) Hang your clothes straight after being washed or before wearing hang in your bathroom as you take a steamy shower to reduce creases
  • Donate old clothes to charity shops, the homeless or have a market stall. Avoid throwing away as it only becomes landfill and someone may really appreciate your old sweater !
  • Buy from Ethical clothing brands (Stella McCartney, Brandy Melville, H&M, Edun, Monsoon, New Balance, Mango, Zara etc.)
  • Avoid washing clothes unnecessarily! Wait until you have a big load of dirty clothes to avoid wasting water and energy, and if you need something desperately –  hand wash!
  • Buy quality over quantity – buy things you will keep, that will last longer and be more durable to avoid waste
  • Shop in outlets – you get a bargain and are technically reducing landfill



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